MS-Insight Ltd offers introductory level, advanced level and bespoke training courses in biological mass spectrometry. We specialise in delivering training courses which are accurately tailored to customer requirements enabling rapid advancement in understanding in a short time-frame. 


INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGICAL MASS SPECTROMETRY Aimed at people who are new to mass spectrometry or those thinking of moving into the field, this course gives a broad overview of biological mass spectrometry from sample preparation to database searching of spectra. Types of analyser, components of a mass spectrometer, ionization techniques, typical chromatography conditions and data interpretation are all covered at a comfortable pace for the beginner. There is ample opportunity for discussion and the trainers provide numerous examples from their own experiences in proteomics research.


Key Areas Addressed:

  • Mass spectrometry theory
  • Sample preparation
  • Ionisation processes; electrospray and MALDI
  • Nanoflow HPLC
  • Database searching



ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL MASS SPECTROMETRY A technically advanced course for scientists already familiar with the basics of biological mass spectrometry, this course focuses principally on applying mass spectrometry to the study of post-translational modifications and protein quantification strategies.


Key Areas Addressed:

  • Two-dimensional chromatography
  • iTRAQ
  • Isotope-free quantitation, TIC vs MRM
  • Advanced PTM analysis strategies
  • Spectra interpretation

To discuss any of your training requirements or to book a place on a forthcoming course please contact John or Duncan using one of the methods on the Contact us page.