Ms-Insight Ltd is a scientific business established in 2008 by Dr John Griffiths and Dr Duncan Smith, targeted at providing cutting edge mass spectrometry and chromatography solutions to biological problems.

The core aims of the business are; 
Firstly to deliver advanced training in proteomics. Most popular areas covered are the targeted and global analysis of post translational modifications and techniques for relative protein expression analysis such as those incorporating isotopic labels (iTRAQ/mTRAQ) as well as label-free (IDA and SWATH-based) global proteomics. We also run an Introduction to Biological Mass Spectrometry course aimed specifically at scientists new to mass spectrometry or those thinking of moving into the field, and have recently developed a suite of self-contained audio/visual training modules aimed at undergraduate level, which may be purchased or licenced.

Secondly, the consultancy branch of the business offers expert advice on a range of mass spectrometry-related issues such as troubleshooting (both mass spectrometry and nanoflow liquid chromatography), method development/optimisation and new instrument purchase/assessment. We have a well-established relationship with the mass spectrometry manufacturing company, SCIEX, whose UK base is in nearby Warrington.

In addition, we have recently introduced a technical authoring service for a range of projects such as manuscript preparation, editing and submission, abstract writing, proofreading and expert advice on conference presentations (Poster and Oral).

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